Ver la versión completa : Kimi y la NASCAR

29/03/2011, 17:36
Kimi participará en el campeonato NASCAR.


29/03/2011, 18:24
Rotisimo me acabo de quedar :roto2:. Kimi en la Nascar... Veremos como le va, se supone que piloto rapido es, pero... la Nascar Kimi? :facepalm:

30/03/2011, 01:00
Este no tiene nada claro que quiere hacer con su vida!!! XDDD

30/03/2011, 14:42
Siguiendo los pasos de Montoya. :gaydude:

Pues yo había leído que estaba interesado en la indy :nuse4: y ahora que en la Nascar, a ver al final donde acaba este. :facepalm:

31/03/2011, 12:28
El 20 de Mayo, podría ser la fecha del debut:


Ben Yusuf
31/03/2011, 13:30
el dia de los inocentes en España ya pasó y en el mundo anglosajón aún no ha llegado, ¿como se come esto?

02/04/2011, 17:45
Kimi ha fichado por el equipo de Kyle Busch, de "pick-ups":


El 20 de May debuta.

03/04/2011, 18:02
Muy optimista está Kyle Busch con Kimi, le debe de haber traido bastante dinerillo extra para querele tanto sin conocerle :roto2rie:

Q & A: Busch on Raikkonen deal

By Diego Mejia Saturday, April 2nd 2011, 20:43 GMT
Kyle Busch spoke to the media at Martinsville Speedway following the announcement of his deal to run Kimi Raikkonen in a limited schedule this year in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.

AUTOSPORT was there to hear from the NASCAR star.


Q. How did the deal with Kyle Busch Motorsports and Kimi Raikkonen come together?
Kyle Busch: Agents... that's how it came about. I have yet to speak to Kimi myself. Apparently there's an interest in him that he wants to run in NASCAR. He's shopped it around to quite a few teams and apparently we won the war.

It's exciting for us at Kyle Busch Motorsports. Kimi, from what I understand, was real adamant about trying to work with me and our teams and being able to put a deal together to go out there and try to get him success in NASCAR. With our trucks, the way we've been running this year, he felt like that was a good place for him to come.

Q. Will this shine a spotlight on Kyle Busch Motorsports?
KB: That's not a reason that we do this stuff. We do this stuff because we enjoy racing - we love it and we want to do it. Certainly that is part of it and that would essentially happen, but that's not one of our first thoughts that we looked at. I think it does lend some worldwide exposure. I think with a guy being as talented and as good as he's been in the realms of motorsports that he's competed in - certainly I would like to expect that he runs well here in NASCAR as well. Maybe this could lend to a longer relationship than just a few races.

Q. Is Kimi Raikkonen bringing sponsorship?
KB: Essentially, yes. I don't know where the money is coming from - my contract is with Kimi himself. However the funds - he's responsible. I do know that there's three sponsors involved. I'll wait for their press releases to see if they announce who they are. There is money backing him.

Q. How many races does he plan to run with Kyle Busch Motorsports?
KB: I would say we're talking three to five. Right now it's only Charlotte - we'll see how he feels about Charlotte. He did express interest in running up to three or maybe up to five. We'll just see how it plays out. Right now it's only one.

Q. Why was Charlotte chosen for his first race?
KB: It comes down to his schedule, as I said yesterday. It's just a matter of logistics for him to come over here. Obviously, he lives overseas and does most of his business overseas with the rally stuff. It's a big deal for him to be able to fit it in when he can. Charlotte - they picked Charlotte for whatever reason. They were adamant about Charlotte and running that race. I don't know if he feels that he wants a challenge right off the bat, but I think it will be good for him.

Q. Do you consider Charlotte a tough track to start in NASCAR?
KB: Certainly - definitely. With a Nationwide car or with a Cup car, yes - with a Truck, you're close to wide open around there. Throughout the run you're going to have to work on some throttle modulation and some lines - bottom, top and stuff like that. It will be good for him to get his feet wet and I would say if he can run top 20, top 15 in his first Truck race - that will be a success. We'll try to help him through practice and everything as much as I can anyway.

Q. Will you have a testing plan set up for him?
KB: Not much testing, no. We're just going to Gresham [on Monday] - that's it right now.

Q. Do you feel that he has any idea what he is in store for in NASCAR?
KB: I don't know. You hear from race fans sometimes that they're like, 'Oh yeah, we can get out there and we can do it.' I have a little bit more belief in Kimi Raikkonen that he's got the talent to do it. I've seen him race Formula 1 - he's obviously a world champion over there. He's done real well in the rally stuff. I can't see why he wouldn't be successful in our equipment.

Q. Do you think his experience in rally cars will make his transition easier?
KB: I think it will help him because he's gone from something that's been the ultimate amount of downforce and grip to something that is essentially no downforce and no grip. You're in the air sometimes. I think that will be something that he's had the best of both worlds. NASCAR is the best of both worlds. We do have a lot of downforce, but yet we are still slipping and sliding all over the place. You've got to figure out how to handle all of that.

Q. How long did it take to get the deal put together?
KB: It came together relatively quick actually. Trying to think of when he first contacted me - probably March 15 or something like that. About 15 days.

Q. Will Kimi Raikkonen drive a second truck or the #18 truck?
KB: The first race will be a second truck - I'll be in the #18 NOS Energy Drink truck at Charlotte. Then he'll drive our second entry. We don't know what other places he's looking at yet so there could be an opportunity - obviously, not all races are sold with the #18 and I'm not driving every one of them. There is an opportunity that he could be in the #18 - yes.

Q. Kimi Raikkonen is sponsored by Red Bull. Are they linked to his move?
KB: Red Bull is not a name that has been mentioned.

Q. Would there have been any reason not to do the deal with Kimi Raikkonen?
KB: Essentially, all our partners had to sign off on it. We've gone to all our people - Dollar General, Flexico, Mars, NOS - we've asked them all to give us their input and what they thought about it. They're all fine with it. If any one of them had issues then we'd certainly look at not taking the opportunity and we would work through those.

Q. Is Foster Gillett is involved in this deal?
KB: There has not been one Foster Gillett mention in any of our talks. There is not one Foster Gillett mention in the contracts or nothing. We have no dealings with him.

Q. Do you have a second team put together for Kimi Raikkonen?
KB: Essentially the plan for right now is that the #18 team will run Kimi in the second truck. Then Rick Ren [general manager, Kyle Busch Motorsports] and I and some volunteer guys will handle my truck.


Busch: WRC will help Raikkonen

By Diego Mejia Saturday, April 2nd 2011, 20:32 GMT

Kyle Busch believes Kimi Raikkonen's rallying experience can help him have a smoother transition into NASCAR.

On Saturday Kyle Busch Motorsports announced it will run Raikkonen in a limited schedule in NASCAR's Truck Series, starting in May at Charlotte Motor Speedway where he is set to run as team-mate to multiple NASCAR Sprint Cup race winner and former Nationwide Series champion Kyle Busch.

Unlike most open-wheel drivers who have moved to NASCAR straight from either Formula 1 or IndyCars, Raikkonen comes with experience in a low-downforce, low-grip, yet high-speed environment from the World Rally Championship.

When asked by AUTOSPORT if he believed such a background could help the former F1 world champion in NASCAR, Busch agreed this could be the case.

"I think it will help him because he's gone from something that's been the ultimate amount of downforce and grip to something that is essentially no downforce and no grip. You're in the air sometimes," said Busch.

"I think that will be something that he's had the best of both worlds. NASCAR is the best of both worlds. We do have a lot of downforce, but yet we are still slipping and sliding all over the place. You've got to figure out how to handle all of that."

Busch admits that having Charlotte as his first NASCAR race will be a tall order for Raikkonen's debut, but says trucks drive almost full throttle around the 1.5-mile venue. This is thanks to a tapered spacer that fits between the carburetor and the intake manifold of the engine, which brings down horsepower and thus top speeds, plus the track offers plenty of grip.

The driver-owner is already targeting a top-15 finish for Raikkonen as an achievable goal for his debut.

"I think Charlotte is a difficult track," said Busch. "It's certainly not easy. It's a little bit easier in the trucks than what you'd think. You're essentially close to wide-open [throttle] running around there, so you do have to find some throttle modulation in the long run and when tyres wear out... I think it will be fine for him to learn on and get his feet wet.

"The track has a lot of grip, so it's not like you're going to a place like a Kansas or an Atlanta that's got no grip and you're sliding everywhere and you don't know how much to slide and all that. Charlotte is a place where you relatively want to keep your vehicle going straight."

Busch said although for now only the Charlotte race is set, the team may add up to another two to four races more to Raikkonen's limited schedule. He is expected to drive a second truck at Charlotte for KBM, but may drive Busch's #18 truck at other events.

The 25-year-old also denied that Foster Gillett had any involvement in the deal with Raikkonen whatsoever, stating the contract had been signed with the driver himself. Raikkonen will be bringing sponsors, but Busch denied Red Bull being "mentioned" as one of them.

Raikkonen will be testing for Busch's team on Monday and Tuesday at Gresham Motorsports Park.


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En la primera foto sólo le falta decir: Plaaaaaaaaaaaato


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Busch: Raikkonen fast in truck tests

By Diego Mejia Friday, April 8th 2011, 01:56 GMT

Kyle Busch says Kimi Raikkonen was able to reproduce the impressive form he showed during his first NASCAR truck test at Gresham Motorsports Park, when he ran again on Thursday during another one-day test at Rockingham Speedway.

The former Formula 1 world champion turned World Rally Championship contender had his NASCAR baptism last Monday with multiple Sprint Cup race-winner and former Nationwide Series champion Kyle Busch's team. Busch was in attendence to oversee Raikkonen's progress in his Camping World Truck Series squad.

Speaking on Thursday at Texas Motor Speedway, Busch said Raikkonen set "identical" lap times to the NASCAR star's during the test.

He added that the Finn also ran faster expected today on another test they were able to arrange at the one-mile, 25-degree banking of Rockingham in North Carolina.

"The test went really well at Gresham," said Busch. "Kimi is a race car driver so he does know how to drive race cars and drive them well.

"I wasn't there until later on in the afternoon on [Monday] and I got to see it first hand. I got in the truck myself and ran some laps to see how I compared to where he was at on tyres and stuff and we ran identical lap times, so he's right there - he knows what he's doing.

"They ran another day at Gresham and was kind of getting used to caution laps, running down pit road, watching the lights on the tach and how all that goes. Working on some restart stuff and getting him accustomed to coming up through the gears quick and not spinning the tyres on restarts.

"There's still some things that we'd like to work on a little bit more, but we don't feel like there's any time before he gets back.

"There was another test today, they were in Rockingham with our trucks and he did good again, ran a lot better than we expected to run there - a lot faster than we expected to run there."

"I'm real happy with it. He's off and on his way to Jordan now for the [World Rally Championship] stuff. We wish him the best of luck this weekend."
Busch said following their debut race at Charlotte on May 20 they will review their plans to continue to smoothe Raikkonen's NASCAR transition.

The former Nationwide Series champion said Raikkonen has asked for advice about teams to race with in the Nationwide or Sprint Cup Series in the future, including the possibility of making the step up with Kyle Busch Motorsports, which only competes in trucks currently.

"He has asked after the truck debut in Charlotte, which is what our first focus is, kind of evaluating and seeing where he's at and how he feels and what he wants to do," Busch said.

"He has asked about Nationwide and Cup and if Kyle Busch Motorsports could do that or where would be the best place to do that. Like I said, he wants to reevaluate all that once we get past Charlotte."

"... I've told everybody here that [Kyle Busch Motorsports would like to go to Nationwide," Busch added. "We'd like to have a full-time Nationwide team next year and work towards that. In order to work towards that, you'd work towards that this year.

"If it came to be the right situation and we can get cars built or get cars from JGR [Joe Gibbs Racing], it would all be a tell-tale thing.

"So, we just have to wait and see. Right now our focus is on Charlotte and the truck race there and making sure we get the right stuff under Kimi that he can run well and be good and get some results and some success."


09/04/2011, 12:03
Un mini cachito del test de Kimi.


09/04/2011, 12:15
Estoy deseando verlo :roto2rie: :roto2rie: . Tendremos que buscarnos un buen stream :sisi1:

Ben Yusuf
09/04/2011, 17:52
Varias cosas:

la primera y más importante, ojo al tipo que sale en la imagen fija del video que ha puesto Govi donde sale Kimi, a su derecha aparece un "pajaro" que parece que va a soltar una garrulada de las buenas.

dos, y menos importante: que lástima pasar de un coche de F1 a un WRCar y terminar conduciendo "fregonetas tuneadas"

Nada más que decir sobre este tema y no, no tengo muchas ganas de verlo laris

13/04/2011, 20:26

19/04/2011, 00:48
Bueno hasta donde yo se Kimi participo en una subasta para hacerce de ese volante por una cantidad X de carreras y abonando una cantidad $70,000 por cada una de ellas.

19/04/2011, 13:57
Pues entre lo que ha pagado por participar en el WRC y lo de la NASCAR, este año se ha rascado bastante el bolsillo.

20/04/2011, 10:25
Yo creo que se le ha ido un poco la olla a raíz de la muerte de su padre.

16/05/2011, 21:29
16 May 11

Raikkonen: el WRC sigue siendo mi prioridad

El ex campeón del mundo de Fórmula 1, Kimi Raikkonen ha comentado que el WRC sigue siendo su principal objetivo aunque el próximo 20 de mayo debute en la NASCAR Camping World Truck Series en el circuito de Charlotte.

Raikkonen que está inmerso en su segunda temporada en el Campeonato del Mundo de Rallye pilotando un Citroën DS3 WRC del Ice 1 Racing, ha comentado que su ritmo en las especiales está mejorando, por lo que intentara seguir mejorando a pesar de disputar carreras en circuitos de los Estados Unidos.

“Yo no dejaría de disputar ninguna prueba del WRC por una carrera en América”, dijo el piloto finlandés. “Las carreras que disputare son posibles porque no coinciden con ninguno de los rallyes que tengo acordado participar. Sinceramente no me importa los resultado obtenidos hasta hora, lo único que miro es que mi ritmo está mejorando y espero seguir haciéndolo en el WRC”.

Raikkonen estaba cerca de conseguir su mejor resultado en una prueba del WRC cuando un pinchazo le hizo perder mucho tiempo.

El finlandés ha levantado mucha expectación por su debut en la NASCAR en el equipo de la súper estrella Kyle Busch, que ha comentado: “El está aquí, sabe lo que hace. Kimi es un piloto de carreras, el sabe pilotar coches de carreras y sobretodo, pilota muy bien”.

Busch es uno de los pilotos de la NASCAR con más victorias de la historia, pero Raikkonen a pesar de su inexperiencia con los coches americanos consiguió rodar en los mismos tiempos que su patrón de equipo en unos test realizados en Carolina del Norte.

“Se metió dentro del coche para probar como eran los neumáticos y cómo funcionaba todo”, dijo Busch “y vimos que realizaba tiempos idénticos por vuelta a los míos”.
La próxima prueba que disputara Raikkonen en el WRC será el Rallye Acrópolis de Grecia, que se celebra del 16 al 19 de junio.


18/05/2011, 20:09
Está claro que su participación ha despertado mucha espectación.

Raikkonen's NASCAR debut free to view

Wednesday, May 18th 2011, 12:25 GMT


Kimi Raikkonen's NASCAR debut this weekend will be broadcast live and for free in the UK on digital station Premier Sports.

Sky customers will be able to watch the 2007 Formula 1 world champion racing a Kyle Busch Motorsports Toyota in the Truck Series at Charlotte in freeview, thanks to a one-off deal that the channel has agreed with NASCAR.

Richard Webb from Premier Sports, which current broadcasts the top-level Sprint Cup in the UK, said: "It is not that often that European drivers make the switch to NASCAR and the media interest in this event is growing all the time.

"We had a lot of request from fans asking for this race and it made sense to come to an agreement with NASCAR as it is the ideal opportunity for both of us to promote the sport while keeping our loyal NASCAR fans happy."

Premier Sports will broadcast the race on Sky channel 433 from 01:00 on Saturday morning UK time.

The channel has also confirmed that it will continue to broadcast the NASCAR Sprint Cup live, and on a subscription-only basis, in 2012.

Subscribe to Premier Sports TV to watch all Sprint Cup events live in the UK. Visit www.premiersports.tv (http://www.premiersports.tv/) for more information.



A ver si con suerte conseguimos verlo y así tendremos un chatdomingo completito con la F1 y con el Nascarchat. :sisi1:

18/05/2011, 20:15
Auton se toma muy en serio la adaptación de Raikkonen

El director de la categoría bien sabe que su función es asegurar que el novato se sienta cómodo en Charlotte

By Mark Aumann, NASCAR.COM
May 18, 2011 11:50 AM, EDT

Puede que solamente haya unos pocos pilotos en actividad con antecedentes tan impresionantes como los del campeón de Fórmula Uno 2007, Kimi Raikkonen. Pero cuando Raikkonen ingrese en el sector de garages del Charlotte Motor Speedway este fin de semana, será como novato en la Serie Camping World de Camionetas.

Y para el director de la categoría, Wayne Auton, eso se traduce en hacer que Raikkonen se sienta como si estuviera en su casa.

"Somos lo suficientemente afortunados en tener una categoría tan grandiosa como para que un piloto del nivel de Kimi Raikkonen quiera venir a competir en Camionetas", dijo Auton. "Lo que definitivamente haremos por él, al igual que por cualquier otro piloto, es traerlo, recibirlo, explicarle algunas costumbres en NASCAR, y en la mayor medida hacer que se sienta cómodo. La mayoría de los novatos que llegan aquí no tienen un comienzo impresionante. Como director de la categoría, eso es parte de mi trabajo (explicarles las cosas).

"Y luego pasamos a temas tales como, 'Así es este circuito en comparación con otros en los que has competido. Puede que hayas estado aquí antes, pero esta curva es un poco diferente. Te conviene hacer la trayectoria más alta aquí, la de más abajo aquí'. Es nuestra tarea asegurarnos que se sientan cómodos, lo principal".

Y eso incluye tanto lo que ocurre fuera de la pista, como además abrocharse los cinturones de seguridad y comenzar a girar, dijo Auton.

"Los hacemos ingresar y les decimos, 'Aquí es donde se hacen las reuniones. Estos son los papeles que deben firmar. Aquí es donde se hace la reunión de pilotos y ya que estamos, tienes que ir a la reunión de los pilotos novatos o no podrás salir a practicar. Debes estar en la reunión de pilotos o largarás desde atrás. Tienes que estar en las presentaciones de los pilotos con tu traje antiflama, listo para competir", dijo él.

Raikkonen, quien ganó 18 carreras de F1 en ocho temporadas, resultó muy impresionante durante los ensayos previos a conseguir una butaca en el equipo de Camionetas perteneciente a Kyle Busch (http://www.nascar.com/drivers/dps/kbusch01/cup/index.html) esta temporada, a partir de la carrera de 200 millas de este viernes en Charlotte. Si bien él ha competido en más de una docena de pruebas por el Campeonato Mundial de Rally, Auton dijo que los stock cars deberían presentar un desafío distinto para Raikkonen.

"Creo que a lo que más se va a tener que acostumbrar es que está acostumbrado a autos monoplazas, sin techo", dijo Auton. "Ahora él va a tener un techo encima de su cabeza y ventanillas alrededor suyo. Y dicho sea de paso, van a haber 35 otros pilotos, y sin faltarle el respeto a otras categorías, estos chicos están generalmente lado a lado durante 200 millas, o 250 millas, lo que dure la carrera".

Auton mencionó que todos los novatos atraviesan una curva de aprendizaje, en particular en lo referente a saber los cambios de adherencia que existen cuando otra camioneta está viajando cerca del paragolpes trasero del auto de uno a altas velocidades.

"Pienso que eso va a representar lo más difícil de su adaptación: Qué es lo que siente, especialmente para alguien en la Serie de Camionetas, cuando alguien esta del lado derecho de uno", dijo Auton. "Porque si uno no sabe lo que se siente en ese caso, lo hará entrar en trompo. Y no importa cuan buen piloto se es.

Hemos visto como le sucedía a nuestro dos veces campeón Todd Bodine (http://www.nascar.com/drivers/dps/tbodine00/truck/index.html), en el Kansas Speedway el año pasado. Una camioneta se colocó de su lado derecho, y él entró en trompo. Y uno no puede estar sentado allí y decirle eso a alguien. Ellos tienen que llegar a saber como se siente cuando eso ocurre en la pista.

"Kimi Raikkonen está acostumbrado a tener alguien del lado derecho, pero ese otro no está tironeando su vehículo. Ricky Carmichael (http://www.nascar.com/drivers/dps/rcarmich00/truck/index.html), cuando entró en la categoría, contaba con la experiencia, pero cuando llegó aquí, él les puede decir que es lo más difícil que haya hecho, en especial cuando se llega a estos circuitos más veloces".

La mayoría de la experiencia de Raikkonen está basada en vehículos con una relación peso-potencia alta, con mucha adherencia al piso. Debido a eso, Auton dijo que su decisión de intentar esto primero en la Serie de Camionetas ha sido algo astuto.

Lo bueno de que Kimi venga a correr en camionetas, entre todas nuestras categorías nacionales de NASCAR, es que la Serie de Camionetas es la que tiene más adherencia al piso, pero también es aquella en que entre los autos hay más dependencia aerodinámica.

"¿Cómo se comporta el auto cuando uno ingresa en la curva? ¿En qué punto uno suelta el acelerador como para que la camioneta comience a doblar sola, sin luchar con el volante? ¿Aplico los frenos aquí? Para él, viniendo de un vehículo con las toneladas de adherencia al piso que esos autos tienen, la adherencia probablemente vaya a ser mucho menos de lo que él está acostumbrado, pero es mucho más de lo que sería si él estuviese en un auto de Nationwide o de la Copa".

Auton sostuvo que Charlotte debería ser un adecuado desafío para el piloto apodado "the Iceman". Si bien Raikkonen es un piloto de nivel mundial, ésta será su primera vez en un circuito que ha llegado a confundir a los mejores, de manera que contar con un consejero le será de gran ayuda.

"Haré que otro piloto vaya y lo observe en la pista y entonces cuando están en pista quizás puedan transitar detrás de él durante un tiempo", dijo Auton. "Lo primero que le diremos a Kimi que haga cuando venga a Charlotte es que salga a pista y siga a alguien durante un tiempo, como para ir aprendiendo cual es la trayectoria, eso es lo principal.

"Aprender cual es la trayectoria es lo más difícil para un novato. Kimi estará llegando a un circuito en que la pista sufre cambios de una vuelta a otra, es algo realmente diferente".


20/05/2011, 20:07
A ver si con suerte conseguimos verlo y así tendremos un chatdomingo completito con la F1 y con el Nascarchat. :sisi1:

Eso sería si este domingo fuera día 20 pero como no lo es :facepalm: , mejor le hacéis caso a Llumia. :sisi3:

Mañana a las 9:00 de la mañana carrera de "furgonetas" desde Charlotte. MarcaTV

20/05/2011, 20:23
Para quien quiera ver el debut de Kimi en directo, estos son los horarios y un enlace para poderlo ver.

Mayo 19, 2011
Horarios Nascar Truck Series (http://www.1kimi.com/horarios-nascar-truck-series/)

A unas horas de dar comienzo la prueba de Nascar Truck Series en Charlotte y con ello el debut de Kimi en este serial, les ofrecemos la lista de horarios del evento:

Importante: Los horarios estan en CET (hora del centro de europa) por lo que es el horario para España. Si deseas hacer la conversión a la hora de tu pais, puedes utilizar este link (http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc)
15:30 CET - NASCAR Camping World Truck Series – PRACTICE
22:00 CET – NASCAR Camping World Truck Series – QUALIFYING

01:30AM CET – NASCAR Camping World Truck Series – SETUP
02:00AM CET - NASCAR Camping World Truck Series – North Carolina Education Lottery 200

Ademas les recordamos que a través de esta web (http://www.myp2p.eu/competition.php?competitionid=&part=sports&discipline=motorsports) se podrá ver la prueba online en directo. Les recomendamos que visiten el sitio con anticipación, los enlaces de la transmisión se publicaran unas horas antes, y en ocasiones es necesario instalar algunos programas para poder verlos.


20/05/2011, 20:44
Kimi P30 en los entrenamientos oficiales Nascar (http://www.1kimi.com/kimi-p30-en-los-entrenamientos-oficiales-nascar/)

Primera prueba de fuego, tras el regreso de Kimi a los circuitos. En los primeros entranamientos en la Nascar truck ha terminado en la posición 30. Realmente no se le ha visto muy felíz con su pick up, todo es nuevo y conocer como reglar su auto no es facil. Los Nascar truck tienen multitud de settings y hay que saber actuar sobre ellos para mejorar los tiempos. Tampoco parece un circuito muy adecuado a los Toyota, pues las primeras posiciones han sido para los Chevrolet. En todo momento ha sido apoyado por Kyle Busch para facilitar su aprendizaje, de momento ya a probado el tácto del muro de Charlotte, en un pequeño roce.


Conferencia de Prensa.


20/05/2011, 21:41
Kimi en las prácticas de hoy.


20/05/2011, 22:58
Se ha clasificado en la posición 31.



21/05/2011, 18:10
Raikkonen's NASCAR plans still open

By Diego Mejia Friday, May 20th 2011, 21:19 GMT

Kimi Raikkonen says he wants to explore NASCAR and go step by step, and that his plans for future outings beyond next week have yet to be set.

The 2007 Formula 1 world champion, who makes his NASCAR debut on Friday night at Charlotte Motor Speedway, has already had his first collective outing on the track driving for Kyle Busch Motorsports in official practice for the Truck Series event.

The Finn finished 30th in the two scheduled sessions, scraping the wall during the second one as he continued to gain speed and get to grips with a track he is only visiting for the first time, having tested previously at smaller venues with lower cornering speeds.

Raikkonen says his main motivation to race in NASCAR is exploring an opportunity he was offered and one that fits into his current limited World Rally Championship schedule.

"It's many different reasons for that," said Raikkonen. "Since I stopped in Formula 1 my interest has always been in many different motorsports. I want to try different things and this isn't the first time. I've been offered to come here but in the end I've had a good time now to come and see how it is and learn, try to get better really. That's the only reason that I came.

"I was interested too see how it is, how it feels and how racing in NASCAR is."
The former Sauber, McLaren and Ferrari racer believes his rally experience is definitely helping him as he tries to quickly adapt to the heavier stock cars. He admits his first runs at Charlotte have not been as good as he would like but pointed out that it is still very early into his NASCAR foray.

"From Formula 1 to rally was a big, big difference," said Raikkonen. "From the rally coming here it's not such a difficult thing. I'm still learning, haven't driven much and it's only my first time here.

"It hasn't been a very good day but anyway we have to start somewhere and improve. Hopefully in the qualifying and the race we can be a bit better but of course there's a lot of things to learn in what you want from the car. Okay, the circuits look quite similar here but they're not.

"You have to learn all the best things in every circuit and the best lines, but that purely comes with the knowledge and experience. We try to survive through the day, try to do the best that we can and hopefully we're smarter after that."

Former McLaren team-mate Juan Pablo Montoya visited Raikkonen in the pits while he was practicing, offering help and talking to both the Finn and crew chief Rick Ren. Raikkonen says it was no surprise for him to see drivers being more open and relaxed than in F1, similar to his experience in the WRC.

"The whole feeling in NASCAR comparing to many other sports is different," said the Finn. "Okay, comparing to Formula 1 is definitely more relaxed, more open here but rally is also much more open, this is more like that, pretty similar. For sure in Formula 1 things are a slightly different way but that's how they want to do it.

"It was nice to see [Montoya], I haven't seen him for a long time. I've seen some results from what he has done but it's not very easy to follow well in Europe. It's not often that you see it on TV."

Raikkonen expects his first NASCAR race to be a totally new experience as it will be the first time he will be on the track racing others since he last competed in F1in the 2009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Following practice and ahead of his NASCAR race debut, Raikkonen's team owner and fellow racer Kyle Busch has somewhat lowered the bar for the Finn's maiden outing in the Truck Series. He expects him to complete the distance and get some stock car race experience under his belt.

"Expectations for Kimi tonight are pretty simple really," said Busch.

"It's just trying to get him to run all the laps, try to get him to gain some experience, get out there with some other trucks, try to drive the truck a little harder, get a feel for it, feel the loose, the tight, but just to try to get him to feel that in traffic and kind of race around some other guys, see if he can make his way forward and essentially try to complete all the laps and get experience."

Following Raikkonen's stock car debut he is expected to announce plans for his next outing, which AUTOSPORT understands may come next week at the same track but in the Nationwide Series, a step up the NASCAR ladder from the Truck Series.

"Really this weekend and then hopefully next week here and then after that there's no really big plans yet, so hopefully I can get to run some Cup races, that would be nice," said Raikkonen when asked about his future plans. "But there's not an awful lot being planned and we really don't want to hurry up in a situation and try to do the best now and see what happens."


Kimi durante la clasificación.


Entrevista tras la clasificación.


21/05/2011, 19:46
Raikkonen enjoys solid Truck debut

By Diego Mejia Saturday, May 21st 2011, 04:46 GMT

Kimi Raikkonen survived a race of attrition to finish 15th and on the lead lap in his NASCAR Camping World Truck Series debut on Friday at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

The 2007 Formula 1 world champion started from 31st in his maiden oval race, after running 30th fastest in both practice sessions early in the day. Raikkonen had struggled with a loose truck and even scraped the wall during the final session where he reported improved balance on his last run.

Early in the race and while trying to make progress, he got loose in Turn 3 and ended up brushing the wall, managing to escape with little damage to the right side of his #15 Kyle Busch Motorsports Toyota.

The first two cautions, caused by spins from former multiple Truck Series champions Todd Bodine and Ron Hornaday, helped Raikkonen make some progress although he missed entering the pits on the second one due to a miscommunication.

His team chose to keep him on the track and he was able to race among the top 10, getting as high as seventh as incidents continued to make the caution wave. However as his tyres started to wear he would drop a few spots as others who pitted under the second caution were running on fresher rubber.

When he was about to pit for the first time under green he got a lucky break as his team-mate Kyle Busch spun and caused another caution. Raikkonen then entered pit road with the rest of the field under yellow, getting back in sequence with the leaders.

Restarting from 14th after a trouble-free first pitstop, he continued to race among the top 15. Following his final stop for fuel and tyres he would rejoin in 18th as different strategies came into play.

Raikkonen then survived a second brush with the wall and a car spinning ahead of him within just a few laps in the closing stages of the race. Following some other late incidents, Raikkonen was able to move to 15th place when the chequered flag waved, achieving the goal set by Busch when he announced he was running the Finn last month.

"The racing was fun, it's a new thing but too many cautions," said Raikkonen after a race that was interrupted by 10 caution periods, most due to incidents where many of the series top drivers and veterans were involved. "Every time when you start feeling that the car is working better then you have a caution and it takes a long time before the handling comes back.

"I hit [the wall] in the beginning and then I hit much harder, thought I had destroyed the car. It ran really well before the pitstop and once we got the heat in the tyres it sent the pressures up but I think it cost a bit when I hit because we damaged the side too much. Handling was okay, but just with the longer runs we could have improved a bit, just because the car was better and better during the long runs."

Raikkonen said there was nothing surprisingly difficult about his first race, but declared he was much more at ease with his truck in the race than he had been after practice. He also enjoyed some close battles for position and survived multi-car incidents that unfolded ahead of him.

"Actually it was more fun than I expected, the racing," said Raikkonen. "You'd rather be higher up [in the order] but [considering] how it felt this morning in practice I'm pretty pleased how it felt in the race. For sure there's still a lot to learn and improve but I think we didn't have any major issues so it was okay."

Raikkonen's team-mate Busch recovered from his spin to beat Sprint Cup rival Clint Bowyer to victory, claiming his fourth win out of six Truck races he has entered this season. His victory places him only three wins away from 100 victories in NASCAR.


Un pequeño resumen de su actuación en la carrera. Aquí habla un montón no como en la F1 que se quejaban de que no hablaba nunca. Será por la de parones que tienen. :cunaooooo:


22/05/2011, 04:38
Raikkonen set for Nationwide debut

By Diego Mejia Saturday, May 21st 2011, 17:47 GMT

Kimi Raikkonen is set to move a step up in his NASCAR transition next week by making his Nationwide Series debut at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

The 31-year-old ranked 15th on his first NASCAR Camping World Truck series outing, finishing on the lead lap while surviving a race that saw plenty of incidents involving many of the series' top drivers.

Raikkonen said that while he enjoyed the race he would have liked to finish higher up on his debut. However, he declared himself pleased with the progress he was able to make from practice earlier in the day at a track he had not seen before Friday.

Although he refused to confirm he would run in next week's Nationwide Series event at Charlotte, plans were already underway for him to compete in NASCAR's second-tier series before his outing on Friday.

Speaking after his victory in the Truck series race, Kyle Busch said he has a Nationwide Toyota Camry at his team's shop ready for Raikkonen to run, although he would not reveal the team it came from.

Kyle Busch Motorsports has not run a Nationwide Series race before, but sources consulted by AUTOSPORT revealed that the team has entered an agreement with series regular NEMCO Motorsports, which fields the #87 Toyota for team owner Joe Nemechek on a regular basis.

The car has the start guaranteed in next week's event thanks to its current status in the Nationwide owners' standings, saving Raikkonen the need to qualify on speed as he had to for his NASCAR Trucks debut.

Busch anticipated Raikkonen could have a swift transition to the Nationwide car, specially if Goodyear changes the tyre specification for next week as he believes the one it ran in the Trucks was too hard and lacked grip.

"Unfortunately, we did not have the handling the way he [Kimi Raikkonen] needed it to be today," said Kyle Busch following the Truck Series event. "He did a nice job from what I understand - I haven't heard, but we might have to put a [new] right side on [the truck]. That's alright - you'll have that.

"Next week for the Nationwide Series race with the correct tyre, it should be a better feeling car. He should feel a little more grip and should be able to drive it a little bit harder. The engines are a little bit the same and the cars go through the air a little bit better.

"Traffic will be kind of the same as what he felt tonight. Tonight was a good learning experience and hopefully he learned enough today that will help him for next week and we'll try to make the transition a lot easier for him as best we can."

Raikkonen will benefit from having a second run at the same track in less than a week, despite driving a different car. Following his NASCAR debut the Finn said his second race would be much easier after learning some of the competition nuances in the Trucks race.

"For sure it's much easier once you do one race because you learn from restarts the way you should go and stuff like that," said Raikkonen.

The World Rally Championship competes in Argentina next week, but the event is not part of his limited schedule.


23/05/2011, 01:32
Resumen de la carrera de Kimi, en italiano.


Lara, ¿Castellá no podría pasarnos la carrera que retransmitió o decirnos si es posible descargarla de algún lado? Yo por pedir...... :gaydude:

23/05/2011, 14:01

Montoya cree que Räikkönen tendrá éxito en la NASCAR

23 de mayo de 2011

Juan Pablo Montoya se ha quedado impresionado con el debut de su excompañero en McLaren Kimi Räikkönen este fin de semana en la NASCAR. El finlandés, que pilotaba para el equipo Kyle Busch Motorsports en la Camping World Truck Series, terminó en la más que respetable quinceava posición en el circuito oval de Charlotte.

“Si quieres hacerlo, tienes que hacerlo correctamente,” declaró Montoya a la Associated Press. “Te vas a arrepentir sino lo haces correctamente.”

http://photos.gpupdate.net/small/67595.jpg (http://www.gpupdate.net/es/photo-galleries/large/67595/)

“Puede ganarla. Necesita experiencia. A hecho de todo, ha estado en la Fórmula 1, lo ha hecho todo, le falta entender el funcionamiento de los óvalos y lo tendrá en sus manos, pero tiene que disponer de un buen coche.”

Antes del fin de semana, todavía no habían hablado entre ellos desde que Montoya echara a su compañero de equipo de la carrera en la primera vuelta del Gran Premio de Estados Unidos del 2006.

“Solo le saludé y le pregunte que tal le iba,” añadió el colombiano. “La gente de aquí hizo lo mismo conmigo, así que si puedo ayudarlo le echaré una mano.”

Räikkönen, que continuará participando en las pruebas de este año del Mundial de Rallyes, comentó que tal le había ido: “La carrera estuvo bien, pero hubieron demasiadas advertencias, justo cuando el coche empezaba a ir bien se producía una advertencia y luego volvía a pasar un rato hasta que las sensaciones en la conducción mejoraban de nuevo.”


24/05/2011, 20:19
Raikkonen tests Cup car at Virginia

By Diego Mejia Tuesday, May 24th 2011, 17:08 GMT

Kimi Raikkonen is testing a Sprint Cup series car for the first time on Tuesday at Virginia International Raceway as he continues to immerse into his stock car foray.

The Finn is driving Robby Gordon's #7 Dodge at one of the preferred venues for NASCAR teams to test ahead of road course events, as preparations are already underway for next month's race at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California.

Through his twitter account, Gordon confirmed the 2007 Formula 1 world champion is running his car on a first day of testing, while he plans to be behind the wheel on Wednesday.

"Just left for Mexico City! Big meetings for speed energy," wrote Gordon referring to his energy drink business. "Testing at ViR tomorrow, Iceman in car today. Trying to give him some speed!"

Although no official announcement has been made yet by Raikkonen or his team, the Finn is on the preliminary entry list issued Monday by NASCAR for next Saturday's Nationwide Series event at Charlotte Motor Speedway, where he is named as the driver for the #87 NEMCO Motorsports Toyota, which is being prepared by Kyle Busch Motorsports.

Last Friday the Finn was non-committal when asked by reporters about his future plans in NASCAR, while moves for his next step were well underway already.


24/05/2011, 23:26
Poderoso caballero es Don Dinero. :sisi3:

Raikkonen podría correr en la N'wide en Charlotte

By Sporting News Wire Service
May 21, 2011 6:32 PM, EDT

CONCORD, NC - Kyle Busch (http://www.nascar.com/drivers/dps/kbusch01/cup/index.html) finalmente confesó.

Sus comentarios previos al viernes no fueron toda la verdad, cuando dijo que no pondría un auto es pista para Kimi Raikkonen la próxima semana en la carrera de la serie Nationwide.


Busch ha estado trabajando en un acuerdo que pondrá a Raikkonen en un Toyota para el 28 de mayo carrera de Nationwide en Charlotte Motor Speedway. De hecho, el coche ya está en el taller de Kyle Busch Motorsports.

"No es de mi propiedad", dijo Busch con una sonrisa socarrona, después de ganar la noche del viernes en la North Carolina Education Lottery 200 de las Camionetas Camping World en Charlotte.

Busch no reveló quién es el dueño, tras admitir que el coche era un Toyota.

"Usted se dará cuenta de la próxima semana", dijo.

En su primera conferencia de prensa con periodistas de NASCAR, Raikkonen, mencionó que espera que la unidad en la carrera de Nationwide en Charlotte. Cuando se le preguntó sobre ello, Busch fue perspicaz.

"Nuestro equipo no tiene una licencia de Serie Nationwide, y nuestros miembros de equipo tampoco pueden estar en la Serie Nationwide u otra", dijo Busch. "Tendría que ser con alguien más."

Una respuesta inteligente, pero la historia evolucionó. En consecuencia, usted puede esperar ver Raikkonen al volante de un Toyota el 28 de mayo conduciendo un vehículo aún sin designar.

Cuando se le preguntó si él estaría corriendo la carrera de Nationwide, Raikkonen dijo: "Ya veremos", después de terminar 15º en la carrera de Camionetas la noche del viernes en Charlotte en lo que fue su debut en NASCAR.

Entonces, ¿cómo hizo Raikkonen para correr una carrera de Camionetas en Charlotte? Él tiene su agente, a quien llamó y no tuvo un no como respuesta.

El agente de Raikkonen llamó a Rick Ren, director general de Kyle Busch Motorsports. Al principio ni siquiera podía revelar el nombre de Raikkonen.

Busch recordó cómo la oferta se produjo:

"Les dijimos que el costo de lo que se necesitaba para correr y me dijeron: "Bueno, hablamos luego." Supongo que trabajaron de su lado y sintieron que era un costo bueno para pagar, así que nos llamó y nos dijo: "OK, vamos a hacer esto, queremos hacer Charlotte". "Oh, para Charlotte ya tenemos un arreglo, se puede elegir otro circuito? " Ellos dijeron, 'No, no puede escoger otro, tienes que poner una segunda camioneta en pista". Así que nos dijimos, "No tenemos una segunda camioneta. Así que hablé con el equipo Vision Aviation, y le pregunté si podíamos correr una camioneta de ellos, y así lo hicimos".


25/05/2011, 11:36

26/05/2011, 23:59
Lara, ¿Castellá no podría pasarnos la carrera que retransmitió o decirnos si es posible descargarla de algún lado? Yo por pedir...... :gaydude:

Sorry Govi, no te había podido leer antes, ando en la parra últimamente.

Mañana miro por el blog de Carlos a ver si alguien la ha subido y sino ya le pregunto a él, prefiero mirar antes por no molestar innecesariamente.

Por cierto, nos tienes el hilo nikelaoooo, jolín menuda cobertura buena que has hecho, Mil graciasssss :abrazo::abrazo:

27/05/2011, 13:35
Govi, he ido al blog de Castellá y allí no hay nada escrito sobre esto, así que tampoco comentarios de gente ni links, pero te he encontrado donde descargartelo:


Ahí hay enlaces a MU y Mediafire, donde más te guste :sisi3:

27/05/2011, 15:32
Govi, he ido al blog de Castellá y allí no hay nada escrito sobre esto, así que tampoco comentarios de gente ni links, pero te he encontrado donde descargartelo:


Ahí hay enlaces a MU y Mediafire, donde más te guste :sisi3:

Muchas gracias Lara :abrazo:, habrá que guardarla de recuerdo. :gaydude:


Kimi en Charlotte



28/05/2011, 12:54

28/05/2011, 19:13
Los horarios de hoy, a la clasificación creo que llegamos un poco tarde :facepalm: :roto2rie:

16:00 CALIFICACION NASCAR Nationwide Series
20:00 PREVIO NASCAR Nationwide Series
20:30 CARRERA NASCAR Nationwide Series
Ademas les recordamos que en esta web (http://www.myp2p.eu/competition.php?competitionid=&part=sports&discipline=motorsports) es posible que aparezcan enlaces para ver el evento online.
En este canal (http://veetle.com/v/4dc4aeae90eb7) podria tambien estar disponible online en vivo.

Se ha clasificado P18. Su vuelta de clasificación:


03/06/2011, 03:02