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08/05/2012, 10:13
Video Documentary: Supercharged: The Grand Prix Car 1924 – 1939


When I think of forced induction and Grand Prix cars, I think of the 1200 horsepower monsters of the ’80s. Huge rear wings, slicks that had junk in the trunk and dialed up boost to produce one-off qualifying laps for the ages.

But there was once a time when things were a little less outrageous. When elegant and simple, even petite, machines used forced induction to find those extra horses and win races. This documentary takes a look back at these lovely machines, and investigates the supercharged Grand Prix cars of the late ’20s and ’30s.


Fuente: http://www.motorsportretro.com/2012/05/video-documentary-supercharged-the-grand-prix-car-1924-1939/

10/05/2012, 05:25
Aunque entiendo poco y nada, está espectacular :aplausos:

Sobre todo las imágenes de los años 30 en colores. Rosemeyer ganado la Vandervilt Cup, Caracciola en Mónaco con lluvia,
Nuvolari en Donington, Von Bracutschisch, Fagioli y Seaman (que se sacaba la capucha y seguía perfectamente peinado :cunaooooo: )
ganando en Nürburgring.

Gracias Larita :abrazo: